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 KETO COOKIES: With less than 1 grams Net Carbs per Biscuits, 80% less than Normal Biscuits. It is perfect for Low Carbohydrate, Keto & Paleo Diet

CLINICALLY VALIDATED PRODUCTS: Validated by doctors and dieticians. Prescribed for Low Carb, Keto and Diabetes remission diets. Perfect for full family to use

CRISPY AND Tasty: They are tasty and  crispy so that you don’t miss out on your favourite biscuits.It has Hazelnut and perfect sweetness for your snacking

NO ADDED SUGAR- DIABETIC AND WEIGHT LOSS: It is sweetened with Stevia with perfect sweetness and saltiness with no sugar. Keeps you in ketosis along while letting you enjoy your biscuits

SOYA FREE & GLUTEN FREE: These cookies are made of super seeds, almonds, whey protein isolate and provides whole nutrition along with protein, fiber, vitamins & minerals. Its has no soya and no gluten