Top 20 Indian Keto Foods That You Can Safely Eat

Top 20 Indian Keto Foods That You Can Safely Eat

The desire to be healthy has increased dramatically in recent years, and people have become increasingly fitness conscious regarding the food choices they make. The vast majority of us are striving to drop that excess weight, get healthier, or accelerate the rate of weight loss in order to do better. If you want to avoid the sorrow of unplanned diet plans, you must follow a systematic, scientific, and personalised diet program.

One such diet is the Keto diet plan, which seeks to reduce carbohydrates from a person's diet. However, when it comes to Indian food, there is a widespread belief that the food is excessively rich, spicy, greasy, and full of flavour; in other words, Indian meals are not considered ideal diet foods. Be assured, though, this is not the case at all!

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The ketogenic diet and Indian food are strongly connected. Indian cuisine provides a wide variety of delicious alternatives for those seeking the benefits of a Keto diet. A lot of Indian food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making it on the list of keto-friendly foods. To help you start this new journey, we have compiled an Indian keto food list with the top 20 Indian keto foods that you can safely eat

What to Eat on an Indian Keto Diet?

If you plan to follow the Indian keto diet, there are numerous keto-friendly foods you can consume. Let's have a look at some of the items that you can opt for while following the Indian keto diet plan:


  • Vegetables

Capsicums, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, kale, cabbage, mint, bottle gourd (lauki), bitter gourd (Karela), coriander, ladyfinger (bhindi), mustard leaves, eggplant (baingan), and broccoli are all keto-friendly vegetables.

  • Herbs and Spices

The use of all herbs and spices is permitted because they contain a very minimal quantity of carbs.

  • Dairy 

Dairy is also a significant component- cheese, butter, and creams are all important.

  • Eggs 

Eggs are a great source of Nutrition and plays a critical role in achieving the required nutrition and protein.

  • Meats 

Meats are essential constituents of the keto diet; thus, chicken, red meat, fish, sausages, and bacon are good keto foods.

  • Fruits 

Fruits are high in carbohydrates, making selection difficult. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the berries in the form of Blueberry, strawberry, and other berries. You can add the fruits as per your macro nutrition requirements.

  • Drinks

When it comes to beverages, unsweetened coffee or black tea/ coffee and water are the best choices.

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  • Cooking Oil

The best oils to use would be the ghee, butter, olive oil, coconut oil.

  • Nuts 

Nuts like Almonds, walnuts, pecan nuts are great to have. Avoid cashew, Kishmish.

  • Tofu or Paneer 

Tofu or paneer are excellent vegetarian alternatives that make it to the keto diet food list.

  • Keto Flour

Making Rotis and other Indian flatbreads with keto flour are simple and easy to do at home.  Your ADOR Health Keto flour.

  • Tikkas and Kebabs 

Tikkas and Kebabs are excellent keto-friendly snacks and meals.

  • Cauliflower soup with Kale/Spinach

Cauliflower soup with Kale/Spinach makes for a light dinner on weekends

  • Paneer Bhurji 

Paneer Bhurji can be easily consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Prawns in Coconut Curry 

Prawns in coconut curry for the south Indian keto food lovers makes for an amazing dinner.

There are various dishes that can be prepared using the above mentioned ingredients.

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Despite how intimidating it may appear, following the Indian Keto diet plan for weight reduction may be quite effective for you. Many individuals in India are trying out the Keto diet, and its popularity has grown substantially in recent years because the keto diet is adjustable to Indian food.

As a result, those pursuing the Indian Keto diet now have a wide variety of foods to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Choose any keto food item from Ador Health online store and eat your way towards a healthy, rich keto diet life!

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