Types of Ketogenic Diet

Types of Ketogenic Diets

There are different types of ketogenic diets followed. It totally depends on individual and their past experience, fitness levels and needs to choose which style to choose.

Types of Ketogenic Diet


This article is meant to help you decide which to choose depending on your style and current needs.

There are mainly 4 types of Ketogenic Diet Patterns

  1. Standard Ketogenic diet (SKD)
  2. Targeted Ketogenic diet (TKD)
  3. Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD)
  4. High Protein Ketogenic Diet (HPKD)

Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD)

SKD is the most preferred diet. This is perfect for beginners and great place to start. 

It is perfect for people looking for weight loss, improve overall metabolic health and well-being. It is great for improving Diabetes and PCOS issues.

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Macros when following Standard Ketogenic Diet:

  • Net Carbohydrate: Below 5% of total calories. It can range between 10 grams to 50 grams per day
  • Protein: It can range from 0.8 grams to 1.5 grams per kg of the body weight
  • Fat: It forms around 70% to 75% of total calories

Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD)

TKD is mainly used by people who are into exercising and athletics and have experience of Standard Ketogenic Diet. Lot of athletes like to use TKD to give them extra fuel to grow their muscles, increase strength and improve the athletic performance

 Key thing in TKD:

  • Consume quick carbohydrates 15 to 30 minutes before the athletic performance or exercise
  • These quick carbohydrates could include glucose, dextrose, Gatorade or even candies
  • It’s important to avoid carbohydrate from fructose as it gets stored in liver rather than muscles initially
  • It’s important to take the carbohydrates before the workout, not after that
  • A Standard Ketogenic diet is followed in normal times.

Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

CDK is more advance ketogenic diet and requires more planning. It should be tried only after one is on Standard Ketogenic diet and wants to take it one step further forward.

Key thing in CKD:

  • For 4 to 5 days of the week standard ketogenic diet is followed
  • On the remaining days of the week, one has to take high carbs, moderate protein and low fat.
  • Its important to ensure that on high carbohydrate days, carbohydrates are complex in nature and mainly come from brown rice, quinoa, oats

The purpose of these carb-ups is to fill your glycogen levels to fuel your muscles throughout the week. Additionally, eating larger amounts of healthy carbohydrates during these days will help regulate your hormones and thyroid functioning. 

High Protein Ketogenic Diet (HPKD)

This version of ketogenic diet is mainly followed by bodybuilders who want to maintain very high muscular body composition

Having higher protein to fat ratio will help you build muscle while using your own stored body fat for energy, instead of using dietary fat for fuel. 

The HPKD is simple:

  • Consume up to 1.5g to 2 gram of protein per kg of lean body mass
  • Keep carbohydrates under 15%
  • Fill the rest of your diet with fats

Its very important for one to choose the right plan for them according to their needs. As a beginner, you can always start with Low Carbohydrate and standard Ketogenic Diets.

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