What is Low Carbohydrate Diet and Ketogenic Diet

What is Low Carbohydrate Diet and Ketogenic Diet?

Low Carbohydrate is a popular way of diet and lifestyle that involves reducing the daily carbohydrate intake. Studies have shown carbohydrate reduction leading to amazing health outcomes specially for Weight Loss, Diabetes, PCOS and other metabolic health issues.

What is Low Carbohydrate Diet and Ketogenic Diet

A generic low carb diet and ketogenic diet are almost similar, but are not the same. The major difference is the amount of carbohydrates consumed in the day.

Carbohydrate Restrictions

A Ketogenic diet restricts the Net Carbohydrate between 20 gram to 50 gram per day. Though, to get in ketosis, the exact amount of Net carbohydrate may vary in individuals.

Normal Low Carbohydrate Diet allows you to restrict your Net Carbohydrates till 100 grams per day.

Protein Intake

A Low Carb Diet replaces the carbohydrate with proteins and fat. The amount of protein intake in higher in low carbohydrate diet compared to ketogenic diet.

Since Ketogenic diet uses fats as the primary source in the body, the carbohydrate reduction mainly happens through fat.

It has been demonstrated that the more the carbohydrate reduction, better are the outcomes specially for weight loss. At times, restricting carbohydrates in the ketogenic range is tough and hence low carbohydrate diet becomes more sustainable for longer periods. If someone is able to sustain being in ketosis for long, it’s better over low carbohydrate diet.

Low Carb Vs. Keto Macros


Net Carbohydrate



Low Carb Diet

20% - 30%



Ketogenic Diet





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