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Ultra Low Carbohydrate Roti Atta Flour (1 kg)

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ULTRA LOW CARB KETO FRIENDLY AATA - Just 3 grams Net Carbs per roti, 82.5% less than Normal Roti. It is perfect for Low Carbohydrate, Keto, Paleo and also Normal Diet

CLINICALLY VALIDATED PRODUCTS - leading to amazing Diabetes Remission, Weight Loss and Super Health. Prescribed by doctors and dieticians

SOFT & TASTY- Makes Soft & Tasty Roti, Paratha, Thepla, Puri. Perfect replacement for your high carbohydrate aata
EASY TO MAKE- Make like normal wheat flour roti.No extra effort needed

SUPER NUTRITIOUS - Made with super seeds with right composition of Protein, solving your lack of both Protein and Fiber 

    - Perfect for Keto and Low Carbohydrate Diet
    - Less than 3 grams Net carbohydrates per serving
    - 80% reduction compared to normal grain based flour

    - Make soft, Tasty phulka roti, paratha, puri, thepla

    - Super easy to make like normal roti

    - Indulge while eating super healthy

    - Made with Super Seeds
    - Tested for ketones
    - Sugar Free
    - Tested by NABL Lab